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The Gospel Lesson for the 7th Sunday of Matthew (Matt 9:27-35), centers its attention on two blind men.

The two blind men came following Jesus asking Him to heal them of their malady. He asked them personally, “do you believe that I have the power to heal you, to which they both said yes we believe, after which Jesus healed them. Through the action of God’s Grace and the power of their Faith, the blind men received sight.

It was once said, “a little faith will bring your soul to heaven, a great faith will bring heaven to your soul”. Our beloved St. Paul lists faith among the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We know that the Greek word for the New Testament is pustis which means trust but also can be interpreted as faith or faithfulness. Even though faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit, it is also dependent on the quality of our response to God and on the receptivity of the human heart.

You see dear Brothers and sisters, in this story of the two blind men, Jesus personally asked if they believed, and because of their personal response of a sincere faith they were healed.  This is the great message of this Gospel Lesson: “for according to your faith, be it done to you”… and their eyes were opened!

Do we have that same personal faith if asked by Jesus?!

Christ Heals Two Blind Men