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Today we hear the story of the Sixth Sunday of Matthew, where it recounts the healing of the paralytic whose friends brought him to Jesus on a bed. We have heard this story before in the Gospel from the Evangelist Mark, with much greater detail.

We know the story well where a paralytic was carried by his friends on a stretcher to see and hear Jesus, however, because of the large crowd, there was no room for them, so they climbed on the roof, removed a section and lowered their dear friend down right to the feet of Jesus. Startled, everyone was amazed when Jesus turned to the sick man, forgave him his sins and healed him of his infirmity.

Two points garnered from this gospel lesson are the resourcefulness of faith and the results of sincere faith. The paralytic’s friends were resourceful men and men who were persistent in trying to help their friend. They never gave up and did everything they could to bring their friend to Jesus. Have we in our lives brought someone to Jesus who needed healing? This is an important question, for as disciples of the Lord have we done everything humanly possible to bring someone who is in need of God’s help and mercy, to His Church. This is our Christian charge to bring others to His footstool. For just as they took a chance and laid their friend at the feet of Jesus not knowing the outcome, have we taken the extra time and energy to help bring a suffering servant (both physical and spiritual) to Jesus.

Secondly, we now see that Christ blesses those who come to Him with eager resourcefulness and persistent faith. Jesus healed first his inner paralysis and then his physical paralysis. Just as the Church through the sacraments forgives us of our sins and prays through the sacraments for our physical well being. Healing and forgiveness come from God, who accepts us with all of our faults and shortcomings and heals us because of our faith and repentance.

May God bless all of you!

Healing of the Paralytic in Capernaum