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I hope you are enjoying the peacefulness and the tranquility of the summer months with your loved ones and friends.

In today’s gospel from Matthew 14:14-22, we hear the story of the multiplication of the five loaves. This story is unique in that it is featured and recorded in all four Gospels. However, the most profound meaning and explanation of this miraculous event in Jesus’ ministry, is that the multitude themselves understood the miracle in the wilderness as a messianic sign, for those gathered around Him were an image of the Messiah feeding His people, just like when God sent manna to satisfy His people when they escaped Egypt.

The Church Fathers interpreted the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand as an anticipation of the Eucharist in which Christ offers Himself to us as the Heavenly bread. A continuation of the Last Supper, the Eucharist is a mystical meal which we share with Christ and with one another. Through the Eucharist we are united with the Lord and with one another.

So as we remember Jesus’ feeding of the multitude, we continue to celebrate the miracle of sharing, joy and unity among those who believe in Christ. Let us enjoy our leisurely summertime making a special effort to renew old friendships and allow ourselves time to reflect on the many times in our lives where Jesus has satisfied us with His precious and Holy Body and Blood, bringing us peace and oneness with Him!

Feeding the Five Thousand