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This Sunday, December 19, 2021, is the Sunday Before Christmas on which we commemorate the human ancestors of Jesus, from Adam to Joseph. This Sunday hearkens us with the feeling of expectation for Christ’s birth and the fulfillment of humanity’s hope of salvation.

The genealogy shows us that the Lord completely identifies with the human race, with all of its blemishes and failings.  Our Lord Jesus Christ was not ashamed by the machinations of His ancestors but rather embraced them into His human side.

The conclusion of the genealogy is the beginning of a new generation – the age of the Messiah – a new age of fullness and completion of which we as Orthodox Christians are a part. Almighty God has a plan for all creation and especially for the salvation of humanity through Christ.  God prepares and acts in history according to divine purposes – without violating our free will and always responding to the results of human action according to His eternal foreknowledge.

Jesus’ ancestry was not filled with all just or righteous people but sinners who committed terrible sins, for you see, Jesus wanted to be linked with all that and to all of them righteous or sinners.   He wanted to clear a way for Himself through the sins and crimes of men.  He takes upon Himself the history of each one of us and overcomes it with His abundant mercy and salvation.

May we prepare ourselves for the Feast of the Coming Nativity of Our Lord and the salvation of mankind.

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