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Today we in the Orthodox Church celebrate the Sunday of the Forefathers.  On this preparatory Sunday before the Nativity of Christ we commemorate the Old Testament patriarchs, prophets and righteous men and women: the forefathers of our Christian faith.

The entire theme of this Sunday and next Sunday is preparation and how God worked great signs and wonders through special witnesses preparing for the sending of His Son to the world according to His perfect plan.

Just as the righteous men and women of the Old Testament responded to the call of God and served Him, we too seek to respond to God’s call to us, to lift up our hearts in thankful prayer to Him, for His promises and to expectantly prepare for the celebration of the coming of Christ into our lives. Therefore, the central purpose of Christmas is to welcome the Lord Jesus in the world, the Church, our family and most of all into our personal lives.

May Almighty God bless all of you as we together prepare to meet our Savior and Redeemer in the Manger.
Icon of the Holy Forefathers of Christ