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Today we celebrate the Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ, in which we commemorate the human ancestors of Jesus, all those from Adam to Joseph who are part of the genealogy of Our Lord according to the Gospels. This Sunday increases in us the expectation of the coming birth of Christ, the fulfillment of humanity’s hopes.

The human ancestry of Jesus shows that the Lord completely identifies with the human race, with men and women of flesh and blood, failings and all. Jesus becomes part of us and that is the essence of Christmas. For as St. John Chrysostom says, “Christ was not ashamed by his ancestors”. You see that this genealogy is the beginning of a new generation, the age of the Messiah, and we as Orthodox Christians are a part of it. The time of preparation and promise are over and a new age of fulness and completion is now at hand.

The true value of the genealogy lies not in its historical accuracy but in its spiritual meaning, emphasizing Christ’s humanity and the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation to all of us.

As we draw closer to the Feast of Christmas, let us remember to meet Christ in the Manger, rejoicing in the saving redemption of mankind.

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