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Today we hear the story of the Rich Ruler from the Gospel according to St. Luke Chapter 18:18-30 in which the rich man asks Jesus, “What can I do to receive eternal life”. In order to enjoy eternal life, not only in the future Kingdom of God but also in our present experience of Christ here and now, it is necessary for us to know and to obey God’s Commandments, that were given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

It is in this spiritual perspective that Jesus asks the rich man to do, “one more thing”. Christ challenged him to follow, just as Jesus Himself did, the highest example of self-giving by devoting himself completely to God’s work, leading a celibate life and practicing poverty for the sake of the kingdom.  You seem Jesus’s challenge seemed impossible to this young man for probably he was unmarried so he turned away saddened.

It is the same with us, do we not also want to turn away when we realize how demanding Christ’s teachings are? Do we not silently think to ourselves, Who then, can be saved?

Indeed Christ’s higher righteousness is impossible for us to fulfill on the basis of our own efforts, but “What is impossible for man is possible for God”. We indeed may not be called to a celibate life or one of extreme poverty but all of us are called to a life of Christian perfection.  It is a creative tension between what we are now and what we can be tomorrow. You see the road or path to Christian perfection is endless.  For what seems impossible to us is possible by the Grace of God.  We must seek a deeper communion with the Holy Spirit and continue to grow in our love for Christ.

Christ and the Rich Young Ruler