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Christ is Risen!

This Sunday is dedicated to the story of Christ and the Samaritan Woman. There are basically three parts to this gospel from John Chapter 4 verses 5-42.

The first part of the Gospel speaks about Jesus stopping at Jacob’s well and His dialogue with the Samaritan woman at the well. At first when Jesus asked for a cup of water, to which the woman said, “You are a Jew, and I am a Samaritan”. He then explained to her about the gift if living water, in which he wanted to convey the higher meaning of new life through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The living water is Christ Himself, in His person, teaching and saving work. The living water is the Holy Spirit, the fountain from which flow streams of blessings. The living water is also the gift of grace in a Christian’s heart which becomes a spring of holiness, goodness, and love, welling up to eternal life.

The second part speaks of Jesus breaking down the barriers between people Jew and Samaritan as well as the barriers between men and women. Jesus broke down religious bias and racial prejudice and aided others in doing the same. Jesus listened to all people and paid attention to them. As Christians, we are to live, “in spirit and truth”, helping people to relate to each other as brothers and sisters rather then as rivals.

The third part tells us of how the Samaritan Women told the townspeople who then followed Jesus and even invited Him to stay and remain with them, proclaiming that this man was really the Saviour of the world.

This three part gospel lesson exemplifies the work and salvific message of the Christ. Let us continue in our Paschal Joy following and implementing the social freedom and mission of Our Risen Lord in our own mission to our community.

Sunday of the Samaritan Women