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This Sunday we hear the Parable of the Wedding Feast, actually the invitation to a wedding feast. Most people as they prepare for this special occasion are exuberant and excited about the event in their lives. People are eager to share in the joys of the occasion and experience the happiness of life.

In this parable Jesus pictures the Kingdom of God akin to a wedding feast, but sometimes, people think that Christian life, our life with Christ, is supposed to be sad and gloomy. Yes Jesus talked in the Gospels about self denial and carrying one’s cross but also about feasts and joys and celebrations. Actually Jesus referred to Himself as the bridegroom and viewed those who followed Him as guests in a wedding. There are many references to God’s joy which, when truly experienced, endures even under difficult circumstances. We must call to mind that the first fruits of the Holy Spirit are love and joy.

We all have heard this Gospel Lessons many times, but we must understand that the invitation to the Feast implies for us preparation and most of all change, in order for us to properly participate in the Feast of God’s Kingdom. So a guest without a life adorned by the fruits of the Holy Spirit, is cast out of the banquet, for as Jesus concludes many are invited (actually all), but few respond with all their heart and become God’s chosen.

Therefore, let us accept God’s invitation and rightly prepare ourselves to become true followers of the Lord, entering the great banquet adorned in our wedding garments to Feast in the Kingdom of God!

Parable of the Wedding Feast