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Today we hear the Gospel Lesson for the 3rd Sunday of St. Luke which teaches us that the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ, was already at work in His earthly ministry.

The Gospel Lesson from Luke 7:11-16, is entitled, “Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son”, which is essentially an account of the first resurrection miracle. We know that many people who have not experienced Jesus’ Resurrection power, still fear death and are deeply anxious at funerals. Our Orthodox Christian faith helps us to deal with the dying, death and funerals in the courageous and peaceful manner of Christ.

When the people of old witnessed the raising of the widow’s son by Jesus, they exclaimed: “A great prophet has appeared among us”! For, “God has come to save his people”.

St. Paul who wrote the Risen Christ, who lives and is the same yesterday, today and forever was the radiant center of his prayers, thoughts, plans, goals and actions. St. Paul believed the knowledge of Christ is a personal knowledge of the Risen Christ attained by the believer not through human techniques but through the grace of the Holy Spirit. The most valuable thing in life according to Paul was the knowledge of Christ, Jesus my Lord.

Let us heed the words of St. Paul for the Risen Christ is the renewing life center of our prayers, sacraments, ministries, theology and mission.