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This Sunday we hear the Gospel from the Evangelist Luke 6:31-36 which extolls the simplest principle of moral conduct, the Golden Rule as taught by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  It is a case of simple justice – to return like for like in positive terms.

The Golden Rule is a universal ethical principle which seeks to guide people to fulfill their needs, desires and dreams without tremendous conflicts causing hurt among them. The rule asks us to treat each other with understanding and fairness.

“Do for others just what you want them to do for you” (Luke 6:31)  Christian morality goes far beyond the Golden Rule for to the Christian we are also called to treat others with Love, goodness and compassion no matter how they behave! Christ’s Golden Rule is taking one’s neighbor upon oneself just as the good Samaritan had compassion on the wounded Jew, a supposed enemy, and interrupted his own journey in order to help him.

Christ Himself is the supreme model of the Good Samaritan seeking to bind and heal humanity’s wounds, and suffering persecution in the process.  Christ voluntarily submitted to abuse, insults, beatings, betrayal and crucifixion by those He came to help! From the Cross Christ prayed to God to “Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing”!

Thus, Christian morality is anchored not merely on the principle of fairness but much more on the principle of outgoing, sacrificial love.  This is the message of this Gospel lesson.

Let us also give thanks today to those who have come to help in the transport, and installation of the new Iconostas in our Church this weekend.  Many long hours of planning, measuring and hard labor have been expended to beautify our Church to the Glory of God!  Let us work together as one for our Church of St. Herman of Alaska, our heavenly patron.