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On this Sunday December 20, 2020, we commemorate the human ancestors of Jesus, from Adam to Joseph who are all part of the genealogy of Jesus according to the Gospels.  This gospel particularly draws our attention to the historical genealogy, and thereby, creates in us a feeling of expectation for Christ’s birth – as the fulfillment of humanity’s hopes.

This Sunday before the Nativity, brings the righteous who lived before Christ into the joy of the, “Virgin birth and incarnation”, inviting them all by praises and divine spiritual hymns to prepare for the birth of Christ in the flesh.

The human ancestry of Jesus Christ shows us that the Lord identifies with the human race, with men and women of flesh and blood like us all with failings, blemishes and all, for by His birth He becomes part of us, His creation.

This is what the Feast of Christmas is all about.  One of the most endeared doctors of the Church. St. John Chrysostom said that Christ was not embarrassed by the “skeletons”, hidden in His ancestor’s closets.  In the genealogies recorded in this gospel, it is very evident and clear, that there were many serious sinners in His ancestry.

In conclusion, the genealogy listed in this gospel, is truly the beginning of a new generation, the age of the Coming of the Messiah.  With Christmas, the age of preparation and the promise is over and a new age of fullness and completion is now actively going on and we are a part of it as Christians.  We are sharing in the birth in the flesh of the Son of God and thus new Life in Him!

This is the message and “glad tidings”, of this Sunday before the Nativity that, “He who is equal in honor with the Father and the Spirit has from love clothed Himself with our humanity and makes ready to be born in the manger…The time of our salvation is now at hand. Be glad and rejoice”!

As your pastor, I pray that as many of you as physically possible can come to Church on Christmas Eve and join together as the community of God in the joyous news that Christ is Born!”

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