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This week in the calendar of Saints, the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of St. John Chrysostom, the Golden Mouthed. Born into a noble and wealthy family, St. John died penniless, daring in Constantinople to open the treasuries of the Church in order to feed the hungry, sick, widows, orphans and prisoners, which was the beginning of his undoing in Constantinople after doing the same previously in Antioch.

Throughout his ministry, he enriched people with the Word of God, sustaining the needy with every means at his disposal. St. John Chrysostom labored as preacher, Biblical scholar, priest, patriarch and author of the Divine Liturgy which we use each and every Sunday.

St. John, in an uncompromising spirit reminiscent of Christ and St. Paul, was consumed by love of God’s truth which he both preached and practiced without regard to personal cost.  He died, as we know, in exile with these words on his lips, “Thanks be to God for everything!”

He was not only a believer but also a laborer, for his soul purpose was to save souls. Amen!

St. John Chrysostom