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Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints of North America and Russia, the Sunday following the Feast of All Saints.

Today we hear Jesus issue a call to the disciples; in this instance, Peter, Andrew, John and James, all of which were fishermen.  Their decision to follow Jesus is the beginning of their ministries by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus had a mission to accomplish and as a man could not do it alone so He enlisted ordinary men from ordinary lives but made them extraordinary Fishers of Men.

In our lifetime and in years past,  many people have been called by God, to a specific task or vocation, whatever that may be.  Every life and occupation can be transformed into a calling, every task can be experienced as God’s call.  The key is our personal closeness to God.  Ordinary tasks become extraordinary by God’s grace when we consciously place our lives in God’s hands through faith, and when we seek God’s purposes in our tasks, when we recognize their usefulness from God’s viewpoint, and when we accomplish them as service to others for the glory of God.

Throughout history, people have experienced their life as a call.  Great things have been achieved by both men and women, saints who were motivated by a sense of destiny, and a commitment to a vision of the Glory of Almighty God in the Kingdom!

Icon of the Synaxis of the Saints of North America