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Today we hear the Gospel from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 8:40-56, about Jairus and his daughter and the woman who suffered from bleeding.

The essence of this lesson is “Believe and you will live! Seek the Lord and you will find True Life”! Many people do not turn to God nor the Church, feeling inadequate or spiritually unworthy. Such a foolish statement, for everyone is precious to God and can come before Him by faith, our faith, faith in His Word, that He loves us and that He is ready to fulfill our needs as a caring Father.

By the power of faith, we can seek the Lord, and find true life in Him. There is no obstacle to faith for as soon as we wish it, and decide in our heart straightway we believe. Everyone can exercise the gift of faith, for this gift strengthens and renews our life and the lives of those around us!

The power of faith is exemplified in this Gospel Lesson through the stories of Jairus’ Daughter and the Women who touched Jesus’ cloak who had an issue of blood. It is our Christian duty to help those around us who feel so inadequate and not good enough to approach God and enjoy the gift of faith in Him, given so freely to all creation.

May Almighty God bless all of you with faith and love.

the Raising of Jairus's Daughter