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The gospel lesson for the 13th Sunday of Matthew speaks of what Jesus thought concerning evil deeds and their consequences using the story of the Parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard, Matthew 21:33-42.

This image of the vineyard is a very powerful symbol for the people of the Holy Land. In the Old Testament, for instance, the prophets believed Israel to be the vineyard.  According to the tradition of this time, working in the Vineyard was an honor filled with joy and fulfillment for the Lord Himself was the owner and the provider of all things.  There is abundant joy in watching the rich fruits grow and sharing them with others.  Belonging to and working in the Vineyard is a gift from God but also requires responsibility; otherwise, there are serious consequences.

As baptized Christians, we – in a very special way – belong to the Lord’s Vineyard and are working in it.  It is our duty to realize as His tenants or guests we must strive to care for what God has blessed us with, not allowing ourselves squander what He has provided to us.

We must realize that God provides all the basic resources of your personal life. For example, the very oxygen we breathe and voices we use are part of His gifts to us, which really belong to Him. Those who do not care for the vineyard properly are punished but the Lord’s work in the world continues because God gives the vineyard over to other faithful tenants who will take over and remain faithful.

Tenants in the Vineyard