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Today we hear the Gospel from Matthew 17:14-23, In which we hear the story of the epileptic boy who is possessed by a demon.  From the reading we know that the boy’s father knelt before Jesus entreating him to heal his son from this devastating affliction which forces him into the fire and the water.

Jesus summons forth the boy and heals him of this dreaded demon, to which the disciples asked why couldn’t we cure him.  Jesus answers them by saying they were of, “little faith”, and that faith can move mountains; in other words; it can cure all of our present afflictions.  It says, “but only prayer and fasting can drive this kind out; nothing else can”.

Jesus in his discourse did not mean moving mountains literally, but rather used such a striking image to illustrate important truths.  “Mountains”, therefore, refers to the great burdens which weigh heavily on us, and the many temptations that should be avoided in our life.

In His earthly ministry Jesus transformed sinners into men and women of the Kingdom.  Who could be touched by the Grace of Christ and not feel as if mountains of sins, guilt, sickness, and fear had been lifted from one’s life. Christ promised to all of us, “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest”!

You see, faith is especially energized by prayer.  Through prayer, we make ourselves available to God immediately and personally.  He is able to work directly with us, in us, and through us! Jesus gives us living faith, mountain moving faith, miracle faith! This is the good news of this gospel which Christ promises us.

May Our faith be living, for the possibilities are apparent and immense, as long as we continue to be prayerfully obedient and eagerly responsive to the prompting of God’s Spirit!

Christ Healing Epileptic Possessed