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Today we hear the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Luke which is entitled, “Jesus Raises the Widow’s Son”.   This lesson teaches us that the Resurrection power of Jesus was already at work in His earthly ministry.  Actually, this is an account of Jesus’s first resurrection miracle.

According to the passage, when those present witnessed the raising of the widow’s son, they exclaimed, “A great prophet has appeared among us! God has come to save His people! (Luke 7:16)

Miracles and healing witness to the redeeming presence and compassionate love of God are not to show how great a Christian, or a Christian group, or even a Christian Church are, but only this; how great God is! Let God be God! Give Him the freedom to act in the context of humble, living faith. Let us not seek to take any glory for ourselves, but rather give Him all the glory because God alone does miracles. This is the message of this Gospel lesson.  Let God be God in our lives!

Jesus Raises the Widows Son