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The gospel lesson for the 2nd Sunday after the Elevation of the Holy Cross is always dedicated to the first reading from the Gospel of St. Luke Chapter 5 verses 1-11.

This gospel lesson is a very important reading concerning Jesus’s call of the disciples, an act that is always contemporary.  The same Jesus who called forth the first disciples is the same Jesus who continues to call disciples. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

As the Risen Lord, He is enthroned next to the Father and from His throne of glory rules over all.  He also rules over the Church, and He lives in our midst by the power of the Holy Spirit, living close to us as Lord, Friend and Companion. He calls old disciples to new challenges and new disciples to thrilling horizons.  Are we prepared to heed the call of Jesus Christ and become “fishers of men”, as did the first called disciples of old in today’s Gospel lesson?

Each of us has a mission to not only follow Jesus but to spread the word of His salvation to all the ends of the universe.  It is not easy to answer the call of discipleship but remember it costs us nothing to become a Christian but after that it costs us everything. We are entreated to give God everything, not material things but our hearts!

May Our lives be enriched as we not only follow Jesus but become His disciples to our families, friends and community.

Miraculous Catch of Fish