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This Sunday November 6, 2021 we read the Gospel of the Evangelist Luke (8:41-56), which tells the story of Jairus’ daughter and the women with the issue of blood, who touched Jesus’ cloak.  The power of faith is demonstrated by this gospel lesson whose essence is the Biblical exhortation, “Believe and you will live. Seek the Lord and you will find your true life!”

Today in our country many have turned away from the Church and have avoided God in their lives.  Some of these people do this because they feel desperation and futility in their own lives, unable to understand that everyone is precious, even them, to God and can come before Him by faith.  We need to have faith in His Word, that He truly loves us and that He is ever ready to fulfill our needs and expectations as a caring Father. It can be said that by the power of faith we can seek the Lord and find true life in Him.

St. Simeon the Theologian teaches us that there is no obstacle to faith but as soon as we wish it and decide in our heart to accept it, we believe.  We are all capable to exercise the gift of faith that is given to us freely.  Remember the gift of faith through God’s grace becomes an amazing power that strengthens and renews our life and the lives of those around us! We are given new life freely by our expression of faith.  Just listen to the words of Jesus to Jairus concerning the death of his daughter, “Don’t be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed.”   And His words to the women with the issue of blood, “Daughter your faith has healed you, go in Peace.”  Both illustrate the importance of faith and belief in healing!

We are approaching the period of the Nativity Fast (Advent) when we are afforded the opportunity through the Church to exercise our faith in the Lord and to prepare ourselves for His Coming incarnation in the flesh.  May the journey of faith and belief in the Incarnate Christ manifest itself in our sincere and undaunted lives as His children!

the Raising of Jairus's Daughter