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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today is the Feast of All Saints, which is so designated by the Church as the First Sunday following the Great Feast of Pentecost. This Sunday marks the beginning of the new liturgical cycle which begins with Gospel Lessons from St. Matthew.

The Feast of All Saints also marks the transition to the season of summer, when in normal times we would already anticipate a season of outdoor activities filled with family and friends enjoying the warm weather with gentle breezes and abundant sun.

But as this season approaches with joyful feasts of many Saints, Peter and Paul, Elijah etc., Transfiguration and the Dormition, we also ponder and pause to contemplate the time we have just gone through! The pandemic, Isolation, Quarantine, stay in place orders and fear.

All Saints

We must remind ourselves of the constant prayers that we’re offered before the throne of Almighty God by our own Father, among the Saints, Herman of Alaska, on our behalf. Those prayers protected us and our loved ones from devastation sickness and death. We owe sincere Thanksgiving to our heavenly patron for watching over our Church and our community.

So as we celebrate this Feast of All Saints, and as we approach the 50th anniversary of his canonization in August, let us never ever forget what blessings God has bestowed on our little parish over the years and the unity and strength manifested throughout our community for the Glory of God and His Saints.

“To You, O Lord, great Sower of Creation, the world offers as first fruits of nature the God- bearing Martyrs. Through their intercessions, and the intercessions of the Mother of God, most merciful Lord, keep Your Church in abiding peace. Amen!”