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There are those who claim that Christianity’s constant expectation of the future life in God’s Kingdom means that it pays too little attention to our earthly life with its needs and problems.

In Saints Who Were Physicians and Healers, the fifth Activity Book offered by the Department of Christian Education of the Orthodox Church in America, the fifteen men and women described are proof that this is not so. They all were dedicated to the physical health and well-being of other people. This dedication was so profound that most of them are named as “Unmercenaries” by the Orthodox Church, meaning that they took no payment for their services, and didn’t turn away even the poorest person in need.

Like the previous books in the series, Saints Who Were Physicians and Healers provides biographies, hymns, detailed original iconographic depictions, maps, references, quotes, journaling questions, puzzles and activities for each saint, as well as a glossary of key words. Those of us who worked on the book, whose names can be found on the title page, have enjoyed and benefited from “meeting” these holy men and women. We hope that students, teachers, parents and everyone who uses the book will find benefit and enjoyment as well.