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We have arrived on this Sunday to the Entrance of Christ into the city of Jerusalem and the fulfillment of the words of the Elder Simeon when he said, “This child is chosen by God for all and the salvation of many”.

In today’s Gospel Lesson from St. John 12:1-18, we hear the whole story of Jesus’ last visit to Bethany and His Triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on the foal of an ass, a lowly donkey.

Faithful Orthodox Christians on this Palm Sunday symbolically acclaim Christ as King by holding within our hands palms and willows. It also ushers us into Holy Week when after His Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, we then become witnesses of His betrayal, arrest, trial, crucifixion, death and Resurrection, all within a simple week, which had transformed the world forever.

Let us be attentive to the events of this special week and join in His passion and culminating in His glorious Resurrection from the dead.

Join us this week and follow our journey to the Cross on Golgotha, the Cross of Salvation!

Palm Sunday