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This Sunday we hear the Gospel from the Evangelist Matthew 6:14-21, the reading of the Sunday of Forgiveness. According to custom, Chessefare is the last day on which the eating of dairy and egg products is allowed.

The central theme of Cheesefare Sunday is that of Forgiveness. The hymns of this Sunday call us to begin Great Lent as athletes begin a race.  The race that the hymns refer to is the present life and the prize of the race is the Kingdom of God.

All Orthodox Christians should fast but each must choose and commit themselves to a specific fasting discipline that is suitable to their particular circumstances and that they can observe unfailingly.

Hopefully with God’s help, one can fast in order to better prepare themselves for Pascha as an athlete prepares for a great race, not downcast but rather with a joyful eagerness, not with gloominess but with joyful radiant faces.

So dear Brothers and Sisters let us begin the fast, preparing ourselves for spiritual combat, purifying our souls, and cleansing our bodies, fasting not only from food but from every evil passion, rejoicing in the virtues of the Spirit.

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