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Ukrainian Refugee Relief

We cannot thank all of you enough for your love and concern in this dire time of need in this tragic war. Millions of refugees are fleeing the ravaged cities and villages seeking safety in Poland, Slovakia, Romania. Hungary, Moldova and other surrounding countries.

This is a great human catastrophe for the entire world and many of these countries which have opened their borders are unable to manage the tremendous number of women, elderly and most of all children flooding in. They need our help and as Orthodox Christians it is our PODVIK (Spiritual Effort) during Great Lent to respond to their desperation and futility.

Our parishes efforts for Refugee Relief with the ongoing war in Ukraine have accelerated this past week. New totals of aid are as follows: 9,000 Band-Aids, 800 bottles of Shampoo / Conditioner, 576 Neosporin Packs, 45 Packages of Baby Wipes, 1400 Feminine Products, 3,000 Diapers, 14,000 Alcohol Swabs, 36 Desitin Jars, 1000+ Pairs of New Socks, 150+ Pairs of New Gloves, Hats & Scarves, 85 Boxes of Children’s OTC Medicine, 200+ Toothbrushes & Toothpaste.

On Friday (March 11) we began procuring specific food items that will also be packed on Sunday for shipment to Poland and Ukraine. The list of food items is as follows: 400+ Cans of Soup, 36 Packages of Macaroni & Cheese, 250+ Granola Bars, 400 Pouches of Baby Food, 150 Packages of Hot Chocolate, 36 Cans of Tuna, 64 Fruit Cups, 200 Individually Packed Snacks, Countless Bags of Dried Fruit.

On Wednesday Evening (March 9) and throughout the day on Thursday (March 10), we packed used clothes which will be dropped off at Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Woodlyn, Pa.

May Almighty God bless your love, concern but most of all orders for our Orthodox brothers and sisters.