Rt. Rev. Joseph I. Pishtey

Be Ye Not Faithless But Believing

This sermon was preached by the Rev. Pishtey on the "Church on of the Air" radio program sponsored by the Columbia Broadcasting System on April 12, 1953 (Saint Thomas Sunday).  The Cappella Russian Male Chorus participated in the program which was broadcast coast-to-coast.

Christian History & Eastern Orthodox Ritual  

The history of the Orthodox Church is an important and impartial witness of its truth; it presents to us a knowledge of the past that was accepted and preserved through ages without falsification or change. When our reason fails to accept readily dogmas of our faith or when our faith is disturbed by own doubts and contradicting reports, the his­torical facts settle the conflicting opinions and bring the peace to man's mind and heart.  To know the history of the Church means to know the Church, to understand its teaching better, to be convinced of its truth and to appreciate our affiliation with it and all benefits bestowed through it on mankind by God. Everybody should know the history of his Church.

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