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It is shortly before his election as Metropolitan of the American Metropolia that bishop Theophilus (Pashkovsky) wrote and published in English A Short History of the Christian Church and Ritual of the Eastern Orthodox Church, It’s history and Meaning which we reprint for your edification.

Bishop Theophilus (Pashkovsky). "Church History and Ritual: A Short History of the Christian Church & the Ritual of the Eastern Orthodox Church." San Francisco: 1930. 

The original booklet dedicated to the memory of St. Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow ( On April 25, 1934) is a interesting glimpse into the history and rituals of the Orthodox Church from the heart and mind of one of our greatest missionaries. It sould be pointed out that while written over 70 years ago, the booklet contains numerous truths about Orthodoxy from the stand point of a Russian Orthodox Bishop specifically chosen by St. Tikhon to lead and guide the American flock during the turbulent years of the 1920's & 1930’s.

To The Readers

The need of a school book on the Church History for our American-born students is a very obvious one, and the necessity for every lover of truth to study the Church History cannot be disputed.

We offer this Short History for the mentioned purpose only as a sincere desire to call upon someone, who can write a larger Church History book and sufficient for higher study, not to hesitate to do so, because we need it for our youth. Many times we think of our first years of service in America when we felt that such a book would help many Americans to know and understand the Eastern Orthodox Church.

In this work of ours we were much assisted by our noble friend and devoted member of the Church, S. S. Parfenoff, the learned attorney of Gary, Indiana, for which assistance we express to him our sincere appreciation and thanks.

The aforehead printed introduction to this book by renowned Professor of Theology of Petrograd Ecclesiastical Academy, now with the Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria, N. N. Glubokovsky, gave us much encouragement for bringing this work to the end and publish­ing it. We feel much indebted to the esteemed Professor for his kind reference and our gratitude goes to him with prayers for his good health.

If any of the Readers will be benefited by this book to the extent of arousing his interest in pursuing higher study of the Christian Church History, we will feel rewarded for our labors. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless every reader of this book.


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